The people behind West Cape Howe

Gavin Berry - Managing Director & Winemaker

Gavin Berry - Managing Director & Senior Winemaker

Gavin joined the team at West Cape Howe as Senior Winemaker/Managing Director in 2004, continuing a distinguished career making premium wines in the Great Southern region. He came to winemaking through a long-held love for the land and agriculture, developed growing up in rural NSW. After a visit to Western Australia in 1986 during the America's Cup, he worked his first vintage in the Swan Valley, then studied winemaking at Roseworthy College in South Australia.  Gavin then worked another vintage in the Swan and a vintage in Gigondas, France, before choosing to settle in the cooler viticultural region of the Great Southern in 1988. Having initially expected to stay just a couple of years, the 2014 vintage now marks Gavin's 25th in the region! With his wealth of experience and depth of knowledge from over a quarter of a century in the Great Southern, Gavin is able to achieve the best in each season in terms of fruit flavour for each variety and from each site, making a wide range of wines with great flavour and balance.



Rob Quenby - Director & Viticultural Manager

Rob has been a part-owner of the West Cape Howe enterprise since 2001. He started his career in broad acre farming in Western Australia with a Bachelor of Business in Agriculture. In 1991 he made a happy move into viticulture and has been observing the 'lay of the land' in Mt Barker ever since. He nurtures all the vineyards under his care using sustainable and wherever possible, organic methods.


Andrew Vesey - Winemaker 

Andrew commenced at West Cape Howe in 2014. He began working in retail liquor at 18 before transitioning to a Bachelor of Applied Science in Viticulture and Winemaking. Since graduating he has been involved with international wine production through France, Portugal, Italy and New Zealand. Andrew primarily worked in North East Victoria from 2002 until 2012 with wine production from the King and Alpine Valleys, Rutherglen and Glenrowan, producing aromatic whites, rich reds, Italian varietals. During his career in Victoria he also produced wines from Canberra, Tumbarumba, Yarra Valley, Central Victoria, McLaren Vale, Coonawarra, Barossa, Mildura, Murray Valley and the Riverina.


Caitlin Gazey - Assistant Winemaker

Caitlin Gazey - Winemaker

Caitlin commenced at West Cape Howe in 2009 as a senior cellarhand and was promoted to Assistant Winemaker in 2010 and recently to Winemaker after the 2015 vintage. After graduating from the University of Western Australia with a Bachelor of Science majoring in viticulture and oenology, Caitlin found herself moving to Mt Barker where she spent the next three vintages working for Goundrey Wines. Caitlin has also worked abroad in Monterey County, California with Blackstone Winery where she supervised all white wine production.  This experience, along with her time in the Great Southern, has developed her passion for aromatic whites, particularly Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc.

John Waldron - Sales and Marketing Manager 

John's first job in the industry was at a mere 9 years of age at his uncle's wine shop in Melbourne.  Somehow from this day job his passion for wine was ignited!  He later moved to work for one of Australia's great distribution networks in Melbourne and Sydney.  He joined Howard Park Wines in Perth in 2002 as Sales Director, bringing with him 15 years of experience, passion and enthusiasm.

In February 2012 John took up a new challenge with an opportunity to join West Cape Howe Wines as Sales and Marketing Manager.  West Cape Howe is extremely pleased to have the benefit of John's wide commercial knowledge, extensive experience, commitment and passion for the industry.



 Bessi - the Winery Dog

Bessi - the Winery Dog

Bessi was inherited by Gavin several years ago. She was meant to be a 'working dog' in Kojonup, but wasn’t effective on the farm and instead was brought to the local vet to be "disposed of". Gavin and his wife Gill couldn’t bear to see Bessi put down so a phone call was made and Bessi has been with them ever since.

From sleeping under your desk, to harassing everyone at 'smoko', Bessi does grow on you, regardless of the fact that she’s got no concept of 'personal space'.  Her known accomplice at the winery is "Buzz", the vineyard manager’s dog, and between them they are both hounded by the willy wagtails during nesting time. They like to think they can get the ducks on the duck pond too, but they’ve got no chance! They love visitors to the Cellar Door as well … just be wary to keep your lunch out of reach!