West Cape Howe was founded in 1997 and soon became one of the most popular wine brands in Western Australia.  Over time it has acquired some of the oldest vineyard resources in the state, giving it un-equalled access to the best and most consistent quality fruit that the cool Great Southern wine region has to offer.

Logo Design - The Story

The rough sketches of the West Cape Howe logo“As history tells, the first recorded exploration of the south coast of Western Australia was by Dutch explorers aboard their ship named “Gulden Zeepaard”, meaning Golden Seahorse. 

When we were given the brief to design a logo for the new West Cape Howe range of wines, we set out to create an image with a style that was reminiscent of the maritime era.

The twin seahorse icon was created to represent the partnership between wine and the West Cape Howe region with the world globe nestled between the two, again symbolic of the explorers’ endeavours.  The seahorses are finished in a gold patina to enhance the maritime ‘weathered’ feel and also create a sense of longevity.  Our goal was to create an image with classic style that would maintain its appeal in future years.  I guess you could say a good brand should withstand the ‘aging process’ like the wine!”

Jodie Presenza
Graphic Designer – Turner Design