2014 SGM

West Cape Howe WinesVintage Description: This is an interesting, ‘Mediterranean’ blend that’s produced an approachable light red that still has serious flavour! It’s approximately 1/3 of each variety with a slightly bigger 1/3 of Shiraz which adds the depth of colour and structure; the Grenache gives great palate weight and silkiness and the Mourvedre adds colour and aromatics.
Fruit Source:Perth Hills and Mt Barker
Colour:A light to medium density, crimsony red.
Aroma:Gorgeous aromas of plum fruits and raspberries and perfumed smoky cherry fruits. Has attractive ‘red jelly crystal’ aromas.
Palate:A light bodied but well flavoured dry red. It has delicate, fresh berry fruit flavours with a light acidity and a gentle tannin astringency contributing to its length of flavour.
Cellar Potential:Great to drink now and over the next few years.
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Carton (12 Bottles)